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3 Day Greater Brisbane Lockdown

Greater Brisbane 3 Day Lockdown

3 Day Greater Brisbane Lockdown

As a result of the growing cluster in Brisbane with extensive contract tracing underway, the Queensland government declares Brisbane a COVID-19 hotspot. This has unfortunately resulted in a 3 day strict lockdown of the Greater Brisbane area. This is to go into effect as of 5pm Monday the 29th of March.

Due to this announcements all Gyms, nightclubs, pubs, museums, massage parlours, beauty salons, cinemas, theatres and amusement parks will be forced to close.

Please follow us on Social Media as we will be making announcements as to what services we’re able to provide once regulations have been lifted.

Unfortunately temporarily having to close the gym due to Covid restrictions is outside of our control. We look forward to seeing you once again, when we re-open.