365 Fitness Club in Bray Park is a 24/7 gym for all ages. Find a way to a better lifestyle using the latest gym equipment, numerous cardio classes as fun. With a focus on community inclusion, 365 Fitness Club has something for everyone.

(07) 3205 3725 health@365fitnessgym.com.au Kensington Village Shopping Centre
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Gym Class Timetable

GYM & Class memberships from $10.95 per week with no-lock contract

Fitness & Gym Classes Strathpine

Book Online by selecting your desired class below. For more information about our classes, please call 07 3205 3725 or email health@365fitnessgym.com.au.

Coronavirus Update / July Stage 3 easing restrictions

We’re back to operating 24/7 for training Continue Reading…

Zumba with Kelly – Kelly  is a qualified and passionate Zumba Instructor! You will learn some cool moves and lose some sweat in this awesome class! $12 for non-members

Pilates With Hannah – Hannah from Complete Rehab is a qualified and experienced Pilates Instructor! Improve your core strength & flexibility in this relaxing class! $15 non-members

Functional with Emelie– Keeping your body active and strong, working on functional movements that we use in our everyday life, also on posture, balance, mind and injury prevention. Perfect for mature aged clients.

Small Group Personal training – With a limit of 5 clients per session Emelie is offering free small group personal training in the gym. Focusing on strengthening and shaping your body with the right technique in all exercises. Pushing you a little bit further towards your goals when it comes to fitness. Don’t forget to sign up in the gym.

STRONGER with Emelie – Get a good full body workout with circuit training. Effective 30-minute-high intensity interwall work out, get ready to break a sweat!

Boxing with Emelie – Get your whole body moving, boxing gives you the great benefits of cardio, strength and power. A tough but fun class for everyone.

TABATA with Kelly – Tabata training is a 30-minute-high-intensity interval training workout for any fitness level. It is a great fat burning exercise session. Come along and give it a go! $7 for non-members

Bootcamp with Kelly –Get a good full body work out with Kelly. A variety of exercises made fun. This 45-minute class will having you sweating and gaining fitness. $7 for non-gym members

HIIT with Kelly – Effective 30-minute-high intensity work out, this is a real fat burner! $7 for non-gym members.

Strength Stretch and Balance with Kevin -This is a great class which will have you working harder than you realise all the while strengthen, stretching and improving your balance. A class for any age! $15 for non-gym members

Bootylicious with Emelie – Training legs… either we hate it or we love it, but it’s got to be done. Get some extra motivation through the leg workout and some new ideas with this class instructed by Emelie who is one of our personal trainers. Working on technique, strength and of course some muscle gains in the lower body!

Classes run for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Please ensure you bring water and a towel to all classes.

Staffed Hours

As of June 8 2020. Please note as government restrictions may ease in regards to Covid, this timetable is subject to change:

Mon 9AM-12PM // 5PM-8PM
Tue 9AM-12PM // 4PM-6.30PM
Wed 9AM-12PM // 4PM-6.30PM
Thu 9AM-12PM // 4PM-6.30PM
Fri 9AM-12PM // 4PM-6.30PM
Sat 8am-10am

Most classes are during regular staffed hours. During this time staff may be unavailable for assistance. Thank you in advance for understanding.

If you have any further questions please feel free to phone us on 07 3205 3725 or email health@365fitnessgym.com.au.

covid 19 stage 3 regulations

Now that restrictions have lifted, we're able to re-open our gym 24/7 Read More.